Now that winters are over – at least for us here in Delhi, its time for us and you as a company to look forward to what is needed to shine in 2017.

From the evolving world of A.I. to instant communications, we share our take on the digital marketing horizon.

A.I. and a Brave New World.

From simple chatbots to predicting the future, A.I. has come a long way, and we believe that there is one way forward – up!

We have always been the proponents of A.I., and if statistics are to be believed, 2017 will be the year when we will look towards artificial intelligence to lend us a helping hand more than ever!

On-the-Go Marketing.

With more than 300 million smartphone users (and rising) in India, Mobile devices have become a shopper’s most trusted shopping companion. Though every brand will be looking to exploit this channel, e-commerce players should embrace this as their number one priority.

Influencer Marketing as a staple.

Marketing has always been about influencing consumers. We have always trusted people who influence us. From our parents to our best friends to the next door computer geek.

Brands understand its the power but have always struggled to convert it and measure it from their perspective of ROI and attribution. In 2017, with better tools, reports and analytics, Influencer Marketing will become an integral part of consumer marketing strategies.

Will video ads take over the world?

Video Advertisement is certainly not new. But with Google getting into in-SERP video advertisements, the entire spectrum of video ads will shift.

With India being at position 2, after the US, we can expect video ad spends to increase in 2017. With this trend, we may more creative used of video ads in India.

Growth Hacking is bull-shit.

Some marketers live by it; some loathe it. Maybe because Growth Hacking promises similar results of a get rich quick scheme.

Growth Hacking is more about unusual ideas rather than cold-blooded hacking. If applied correctly, these ideas will make you stand out. And standing out has become more important than ever when everyone is bombarding us with information overload.

With the growing need for brands and marketers to grab attention through viral marketing, organic search, etc. this fascinating digital marketing practice will continue to demonstrate its tremendous potential in the face of all odds in the coming years.